Departing from Vézelay, there is a choice to make: left or right? South Branch via Nevers or North Branch via Bourges?

Then, here is the marking that you will encounter throughout the Path:

  • European marking (yellow shell on blue background and yellow and blue markers)
  • associative marking of the Vézelay Historic Way ®
  • certain sections of the Voie historique de Vézelay ® are common to paths labeled by the FFRP. To make sure you are on the Way to Compostela, the markers are accompanied by the yellow European shell on a blue background.
Coquille européenne
Nouvelles balises
Balise Chemin de Saint-Jacques Voie de Vézelay
Balise Gironde

Marking is provided by the members of our association (in general, the municipalities maintain the path); your way over, you can join our team of buoys. Contact the office: 03 86 32 38 11 or the marking manager by email: Michel Guichard

On the ground or on the walls, bronze shells mark the Path and enrich the heritage of the communities crossed.

The bronze shell is the prestigious unitary emblem of the Via Lemovicensis®; it is referenced at the INPI. Its use is subject to an agreement.

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Coquille sur pavés