Become a volunteer

Fellow pilgrim, do you want to give back to the Way what it gave you? Nothing could be simpler, join us within the Association and contact the manager:

At the association’s head office, a permanent presence is provided by members of our association. Information and registration at or 03 86 32 38 11

See the availability of 2024

Marking maintenance is carried out periodically to replace missing or damaged markers.
To join the team of taggers, write to Michel Guichard at the email address: or 03 86 32 38 11

Hospitallers are often former pilgrims, members of a pilgrimage association, and have experience of pilgrimage.

To work in our shelters, contact the manager:

If you would like to participate in preparation for hospitality, our association organizes a session every year.

Amis et Pèlerins de Saint-Jacques de la Voie de Vézelay