Our association is composed only of volunteers who work so that the pilgrim finds what he needs before, during and after his journey. All these volunteers form a dynamic team at the service of pilgrims.

They hold the permanence to inform the pilgrim at his departure of Vézelay. They check the signposting every year, or twice a year, to ensure that pilgrims stay on course for Compostela.

They look after our 5 refuges, making up no fewer than 72 hospital teams!

So many good reasons for you to join one of our teams! To join: see the store.

Geografische verdeling van onze leden voor 2023 : Bekijk de kaart

Amount of active membership dues:

  • individual under 18 years old: 5 €.
  • individual from 18 to 25 years old: 14 €.
  • individual over 25 years old: 28 €.
  • couple: 38 €.
  • support fee: free
  • membership fee for a legal entity: 28 €.

Join the association

Your membership allows the association to continue the creation, the material equipment and the maintenance of the refuges, as well as to ensure the maintenance of the marking of the path, the operating expenses, to hold a permanence in Vézelay.

For your next pilgrimage, the association will issue your credential free of charge.