Equipment of the pilgrim





The essentials


Simply equip yourself to absolutely limit the weight:

  • for a woman, the maximum load of the bag should not exceed 6 to 7 kg;
  • for a man, the maximum load of the bag should not exceed 10 to 12 kg.

It must be well adapted to your morphology in size and volume (about 40 liters).

According to the personal choice of each one:

  • 1 pair of walking shoes. Choose them 1 size above the usual size, because the foot swells permanently;
  • 1 pair of very light shoes for the evening relaxation.
  • 1 sleeping bag (as light as possible)
  • 1 light sheet like a dream bag
  • 1 toiletry kit, including 1 glove and 1 light towel
  • 1 first aid kit including your personal medication, earplugs, sun cream, anti-chafing cream, some bandages
  • 1 pilgrim's booklet (credencial)
  • 1 path guide
  • 1 identity card or passport
  • 1 European Health Insurance Card
  • 1 international bank card
  • 1 flashlight / headlamp
  • 1 knife
  • 1 means of translation
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 1 notebook and a ballpoint pen
  • 1 small sewing kit
  • 1 "banana" bag

An example of equipment proposed by a pilgrim.

Physical Preparation

In order to prepare yourself and assess your physical condition, do not hesitate to contact a Jacquaire association or a walking club…

Here are some relatively constant basic principles:
only leave when you are ready, physically but especially morally. The first days are often the most difficult, so plan for short stages.
leave well equipped, with good shoes that you have broken in. To relieve the joints, the use of a stick is recommended.
pack light. The 10% body weight rule is often difficult to maintain, but it is a goal to aim for. Weigh everything and keep only the essentials and the lightest.
listen to your body, it’s your best friend…

The association has published a cultural and spiritual booklet in which you will find a different approach to the Way, through themes of reflection and texts inspiring meditation as well as a detailed presentation of the buildings you will encounter.

To obtain this booklet, simply return the order form or go to the association’s office.

For those who wish to make their pilgrimage a spiritual or even religious experience:

Spiritual preparation

The path is also an inner journey.

The Vézelay Historical Route ® remains a relatively uncrowded route which is conducive to introspection.

“At the origin of every pilgrimage, there is like a response to an inner call.  To leave is to leave what I think I am in order to find my true being, naked, stripped of all my pretences” (Cultural and spiritual booklet).

To complete your spiritual preparation click on the link below to get an idea of ​​the history of the pilgrimage:

Overview of spirituality in the Middle Ages