All along the way, you will find municipal and associative shelters, Pilgrims at Home (APD), pilgrims’ lodgings, campsites and also other more traditional solutions.

Compostelle-France and the Youth Hostels – LFAJ and FUAJ – have signed a partnership agreement. The youth hostels managed by these organizations welcome pilgrims upon presentation of the credencial.

In association refuges, APDs and pilgrims’ lodgings, you will often be welcomed by former pilgrims who know your needs and expectations well and who will be able to advise you for the rest of your journey.

The price will, of course, differ depending on the nature of the accommodation.

Consult accommodations.

Our shelters

Our 5 shelters are run by volunteer hospital workers, which constitutes no less than 72 teams!

Map of our shelters

Carte de nos refuges


15 Rue des Anciens Combattants, 36330 Velles

5 places, open from March 15 to October 15

Tel : 02 54 46 99 63

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20 ter rue des Récollets, 03360 Ainay-le-Château.

5 places, open from March 15 to October 15

Tél: 04 70 29 00 30.

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9 rue de Pont, 18200 Bouzais

5 places, open from March 15 to October 15

Tél: 02 48 96 88 79

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Place de la Mairie, 24420 Sorges et Ligueux en Périgord

6 places, ouvert du 15 mars au 31 octobre

Tél : 05 53 35 31 68

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Chemin de Ronde, 33580 Saint Ferme

6 places, ouvert du 15 mars au 31 octobre

Tél : 05 56 61 07 49

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Management of the 5 shelters according to the following principle:

  • every day, from 4 p.m., the hospital worker welcomes the pilgrim, on foot or by bike, with their credential
  • the hospital worker prepares the evening meal, use of the kitchen is reserved only for the hospital worker
  • the day before or two days before, as far as possible, the pilgrim informs the hospital attendant of his intention to pass; as the Path sometimes reserves surprises, we do not take reservations
  • the meal, the night and the breakfast are the free participation of the pilgrim: obviously, this formula does not mean “free” but “solidarity and mutual aid”, each pilgrim contributing according to his means and the services received, to participate inherent operating costs (food, water, electricity, telephone, maintenance, insurance, etc.)
  • wifi internet connection
  • small library of so-called “traveler” books
  • animals are not accepted in shelters; however, local solutions are proposed