The credential

The credencial is the pilgrim’s passport. It recognizes your status as a pilgrim and allows you to access the Jacobean hostels in France and Spain. At the stage of the day, it will be dated, signed and stamped by the host or other structure allowing the validation of your passage. The credencial commits you to a respectful and tolerant conduct respecting the spirit of the path.


When you arrive in Santiago, it will allow you to obtain the “Compostela”, document validating your pilgrimage. The credencial is issued by the Jacobean associations or the parishes; we issue it free of charge to all our members who have paid their dues.

It will become after your journey an unforgettable memory of your trip.

To get it, fill in the order form and send it to the address indicated or come and collect it at the office in Vézelay.

For information: The common spelling in Europe is: credencial (indifferently masculine or feminine); CREDENCIAL is the secular name and CREANCIALE is the religious name.

Guides of the Way of Vézelay

To get them, just click on the picture of your choice or come and meet us at the office in Vézelay.

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